Designed by Pediatrists to offer extra arch support for feet that need it, the Realign Advantage Innersoles will help keep you on your feet. The innersoles add moderate arch support to your shoes and feature a Gel strike zone in the heel for additional cushioning. Enhance your comfort while playing sport or begin your recovery from a wide range of foot ailments with the Realign Advantage Innersoles.


  • Moderate arch profile for feet that require additional support
  • Polurethane thermoplastic stabiliser enhances stability
  • Heel Gel strike zone and forefoot pressure zone for cushioning
  • Bio-degradable T-Sprene polyurethane
  • Full-foot PK mesh top fabric cover enhances breathability
  • Fast dry moisture management and anti-microbial features prevent growth of odours
  • Ideal for: Flat foot and low arch

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