Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor — with 16 World Championship titles and 76 other major titles worldwide — is known as the greatest darts player of all time. Phil, in conjunction with Target’s team of designers has collaborated to produce the finest range of darts ever seen. After the Power 8-Zero Gen 2 is machined from an ultra-dense 80% Tungsten billet, the Dart is then hand loaded into a Japanese CNC lathe for its machining process. The Dart is then intricately enamelled by hand, before being completely re-machined to create its unique and intricate grip. The addition of the laser etched Power 8Zero logo, steel Points, the Target Pro Grip Shaft and Vision Ultra Flights complete a truly stunning Dart

80% Tungsten

Barrel Dimensions:   26gm Length – 53mm Diameter – 7.6mm

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