Protect your head during your Rugby League and AFL matches with the Reliance Super Lite Headguard. It provides comprehensive protection for your head to prevent damage or injury, and includes support for your ears. It's padded and flexible without adding on weight, so you can stay mobile on the field while still getting the protection you need.

Full Protection

This headguard provides maximum protection for your head during contact sports. Its contoured design comprehensively protects the top, sides and back of your head and your ears to prevent potential shock or injury.

Flexible and Resilient

Thanks to the increased padding flexibility of this headguard, it's lighter and more resilient than similar products. It can survive the wear and tear of regular use without cracking or tearing, so you can keep using it for longer.

Size Chart

Reliance Super Lite Head Guard Size Chart
Size X Small Small Medium Large X Large
Head circumference 50-52cm 53-55cm 57-59cm 60-62cm 62-64cm

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