Shock Doctor



he Shock Doctor Turf insoles are designed exclusively for athletics turf surfaces, making it ideal for football and rugby players. By dispersing the impacts of the uneven playing surface on your feet, the Shock Doctor Turf Insoles can seriously up your game.

Absorb Shocks

The Adaptive Arch Technology found in the Shock Doctor Turf Insoles means the insole can adapt itself to your foot shape, offering the best possible shock absorption.

The Shock Doctor Turf Insoles' Heel and Mid-Foot ShockDome also helps to absorb these shocks, and stops them transferring to your knees and hips, both preventing injury and making you more stable.

Thanks to the Full-Foot Shock Absorbing Foam, the Shock Doctor Turf insoles help slow down the foot and ankle fatigue you can experience after playing for a while. The benefit of this is clear; by reducing fatigue you can play for longer and harder than ever before, making it perfect for those who feel their stamina on the pitch could be better.

Protect From Injury

By keeping your foot stable and reducing shocks, the Shock Doctor Turf Insoles can help prevent a foot injury from developing. Foot injuries like plantar fasciitis can put a player out of action for months, which means not only will you not be able to improve your game but without continual practice there's a very real chance your ability to play would get worse. That's why players should do everything to stave off injury, and why the Shock Doctor Turf Insoles do exactly that.

The Heel and Mid-Foot ShockDome on the Shock Doctor Turf Insoles can even help relieve plantar fasciitis, making it a great shoe insole for sidelined players who want to get back on the pitch.

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